Plant Hire Insurance

We at Eros Hire recommend you to opt for construction and short-term plant hire insurance. Once you hire tools & equipment from us, you will be responsible to secure it against any theft, damage, or loss. If you do not opt for insurance and there is a theft or damage to the equipment, you will need to pay the full retail cost of it. Our tools and equipment hire prices do not cover the construction and plant hire insurance. You will need to pay separately for the insurance. We do offer assistance in insuring all the equipment you hire from us via Tysers.

Eros Hire is a part of HAE (Hire Association of Europe) and a renowned name in the industry for renting out high-quality tools and equipment. Once you hire tools from us, it is your responsibility to return the same in good condition. So, it is best to opt for tools & equipment hire insurance and keep yourself covered against any odd situation.