Concreting Hire Aylesbury: Made Easy with Expert Help

Concreting is the process of mixing cement, sand, broken stone, gravel, and water and placing the same to create a robust slab-like structure. The process of concreting has taken a significant share in the construction industry for making buildings, roads, dams, bridges, walls, etc. A concrete mix when placed solidifies or hardens with time and makes for a strong structure. Concrete is used in the construction industry mainly for its strength, versatility, durability, reflectivity, and great pricing.

Another significant aspect of the entire construction process is compaction. Compaction is the process of getting rid of the entrapped air from the freshly placed concrete mix. This process helps in packing the aggregate particles together densely so that the overall compactness of the concrete is enhanced and it eventually leads to a robust structure. 

Take Expert Help in Concreting Hire in Aylesbury

If you are looking for concreting hire in Aylesbury, it is important that you do it from a reputed a company where you will get expert guidance in choosing the best tools and equipment. Eros Hire offers the best category of concreting & compaction hire in and around the Aylesbury area at affordable pricing. Here is what we offer under the category of concreting & compaction equipment on rent.

  • Site Mixer 6/4 – Diesel
  • Tip Up Mixer – Electric with Stand (4 Cubic Foot)
  • Tip-Up Petrol Mixer – With Stand (4 Cubic Foot)
  • Pedestrian Roller (for smaller projects)
  • Twin Drum Ride-on Roller(for commercial use)
  • Compactor Plate 16” (for the smaller area)
  • Compactor Plate 18” (you can cover a larger area)
  • Twin Drum Ride-on Roller
  • Vibrating Poker
  • Rubber Mat for 14” Compactor Plate
  • Trench Compactor Upright (2 Stroke – Petrol based)
  • Rubber Mat for 14” Compactor Plate

Eros Hire offers all the tools mentioned above on rent and helps you get your work done efficiently. For example, you can opt for an electric tip-up mixer if you have a large project to handle and a petrol tip-up mixer for a smaller project. The mixer driven by electricity will give you a higher level of efficiency in terms of the volume mix and you will be able to wrap up your day’s work on time.

Concreting Hire Aylesbury for DIY & Commercial Purpose

Eros Hire is one of the pioneers in offering a whole lot of tools and equipment at affordable pricing so that people can rent these items to get their personal as well as commercial work was done efficiently and conveniently. You can seek expert help in choosing the right kind of tool based on your project requirements. You may also seek assistance in learning the process of maneuvering a machine in the best way possible to ensure the highest level of efficiency and production of concrete mix.

Contact the team of professionals at Eros Hire and opt for the best concreting hire in Aylesbury and enjoy a higher degree of work efficiency at affordable pricing.