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wood and Metal Cutting
Having the right tools and equipment is necessary to cut wood and metal efficiently. Eros hire offers the most extensive collection of wood and metal cutting equipment for hire for commercial as well as domestic use. We understand that one piece of tool can’t be expected to perform a variety of jobs – so we provide the specialised and professional quality cutting equipment that help you get the job done without hassles.

Get the Job within a Nick of Time with Eros Hire  

Whatever you may need to cut – metal, wood or concrete, Eros Hire provides just the perfect tools and equipment to help you get the job done. From alligator saws to reciprocating pipe saws, you can find all kinds of wood and metal cutting equipment ready to be hired. Cutting tools are available in a variety of power options, so you can choose equipment that is perfect fit for your job.

Safety and security is a major concern with us, so we ensure that every tool and equipment is inspected well before renting to minimise the risks of accidents. So you can now safely use our equipment without worrying about harming yourself or your workers. 

So whether you are a homeowner looking forward to mend a damaged wooden door or a professional plumber; you can hire the latest and most advanced wood and metal cutting tools from Eros Hire and get the jobs completed in a nick of time.

Can’t find suitable cutting equipment? We can help. Tell us your requirements and we will help you hire the best suited tools.