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Winter Equipment Care Tips

Winter is already here and you have surely prepared to keep yourself, your family and your pets warm and cosy inside the house. You even prepare your car for the winter season, so why leave out the tools and equipment that help you get so many things done in no time. You need to take special care of the equipment (of all kinds) during winter since they tend to get jammed due to the freezing temperatures. Snow, wind and ice can cause serious damage to the tools and equipment, so it is a must that you take special care to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Here is how you can take care of the tools and equipment during winter:

Care for Tools

These tips will help you keep the tools in good working condition:

  • Remove the batteries when tools are not in use. This prevents the acid from leaking thus preventing the tools from any damage.
  • If the tools use fuel, empty the fuel tank when the tools are not in use.
  • It is essential to clean the dust and dirt off the power tools such as gardening tools, floor cleaning tools, etc. Remove rust with help of soft steel wool, if necessary. 
  • Don’t leave the tools on the ground, no matter where you store them. Instead, place them on shelves, hang them or at least place them on thick sheets of plastic or cardboard.
  • Oil the tools carefully to prevent rusting and keep the parts moving smoothly.
  • Sharpen the cutting edges of the shovels, hoes, and other tools before using them.
  • Clean the air filters regularly

Care for Equipment

This is how you must care for the equipment during the winter season:

  • Don’t leave small equipment outside of the house, especially during the night.
  • Large equipment should be covered properly to avoid direct contact with the cold wind.
  • If the equipment is too large to be covered, place it away from the direct wind. For example, store it against a wall.
  • Drain water lines and pumps to prevent them from freezing.

If all this seems too tough, you can opt for tools and equipment rental. By hiring tools and equipment, you need not worry about maintenance, since you hire the required tools/ equipment for a specified period of time and then return it to the rental company. It is the responsibility of the tools and equipment rental company to take proper care of the tools and equipment to ensure they offer optimal performance and efficiency.

Renting is often a better option if you need a tool or equipment only for a short period of time since you don`t need to invest in its maintenance and repair. If you already have a set of tools and equipment, the above tips will help you take good care of them; but if you need some more tools and equipment, consider hiring them from a reliable and reputed tool and equipment rental company in your area.