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Tips to Choose the Right Circular Saw

Circular saws are one of the most versatile and useful tools for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. A circular saw is a powered saw that uses a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut a variety of materials that include wood, metal, plastic, and more. Circular saws can either be hand-held or mounted in a machine. In order to get the best output and accomplish the cutting job safely, you must buy or rent an appropriate circular saw. The right kind of circular saw not only ensures precision cutting but also ensures safety of the user; so here are some factors that you must consider when buying or renting circular saws:

Choose the Right Style

Circular saws are available in a number of styles and these include:

  • Worm drive (motors positioned at right angles with the saw blade)
  • Sidewinder (traditional circular saws with the motor along the same axis as the blade)
  • Corded (best for tough cutting jobs, these saws are not battery operated)
  • Cordless (best for working conditions where power is not available or the use of extension cords is tough)

Depending upon the working conditions, type of task that needs to be accomplished and the material that needs to be cut, you need to choose the right style. The style will also depend on how comfortably you can use the circular saw.

Safety Blade Guard

The blade guard covers the saw when it is not in use. It retracts to expose the blades when in use. The blade guards ensure that the saw cuts the intended materials and nothing else. When buying/renting a circular saw, check how the blade guard operates. Make sure it operates smoothly and does not make you feel awkward while using the saw. If the guard needs to be raised manually make sure it is smooth enough so that it does not harm you or other users.

Choose the Right Features

The latest and most advanced circular saws are available with a number of advanced features such as electric brakes, shaft locks, laser guides, bevel stops, and a lot more; so it is must that you choose a saw with all the features that make the cutting job easier. But remember never buy a saw with features that you would seldom use. A circular saw with extra features might sound interesting but it would mean you have to pay for features that you wouldn`t use. In case of rental, you will have to pay higher rental charges. So make a wise choice.

The Right Blade Type

The key to precision cutting is the right kind of blade. Different types of blades are available for different applications, so you need to know what kind of blade would be most suitable for you. The most common types of circular saw blades include:

  • Carbide-tipped blades
  • High-speed steel blades
  • Tile-cutting blades
  • Masonry blades

Keep the above factors in mind when choosing a circular saw for the best results. If you still have trouble choosing a suitable saw, talk to the staffs at the tools and equipment rental company or the dealer; they will help you choose a saw suitable for your specific needs.