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Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

With holidays just around the corner, it is time to give your home a brand new festive look. Festive decorations include colourful lighting, wreaths, trees, flowers and more. However if not handled with care, decorations especially the ones with electrical components can create safety hazards or cause fires. According to sources more than 80,000 people are treated in the hospital every year for injuries such as falls, cuts and burns during the festive season.

So you must be very cautious when lighting up the yard or the Christmas tree. Festive lighting are very easily available at local stores or from tools and equipment rental companies, but you need to make sure they are used properly and with utter care. Here are some safety tips that will help you keep your home and family members safe during the festive season:

  • Double check every set of light for faulty wires and cracks, no matter whether you buy or hire them. Never use damaged strands of lights, no matter what.
  • Keep frayed wires away from the Christmas tree, since it can catch fire easily.
  • Make sure you buy/ hire high quality lights that comply with the safety standards and have been inspected for potential safety hazards.
  • Use heavy duty extension cords, if you are planning to decorate the entire home with colourful lights. Use cords for outdoor decoration only if they are meant for outdoor use.    
  • Before turning on the light it is a must that you check the sockets, loose connection, etc. to avoid electrocution or fire hazards.
  • Watch young children and pets closely. Never allow them to go near the lighting and play with live wires.
  • If you have plans to go out, make sure the lights are turned off.
  • Lighting that you use indoor should not touch curtains, couches, carpeting, etc.
  • If you use an artificial tree, make sure it is fire proof and have fire extinguishers within easy reach.

It is often difficult to act fast when an emergency strikes; so make all preparations beforehand. Know how to use the fire extinguishers; have emergency phone numbers with easy reach and know what to do in case of a fire. Festive lighting rental can make life easier; but in order to make the holidays even more enjoyable, you must adhere to the safety guidelines. Read the user manuals to understand how to use the lights and other electrical decorative items.

Lighting candles around the home is also a ritual during Christmas and other festive events; so you should be extra cautious when you light the candles. Place in secured places and keep children and pets away. Blow off the candles before leaving home. Avoid placing candles close to wires and lighting, since wires catch fire very easily.

Follow the safety guidelines and make your holidays even more fun. Teach your children about the safety measures and talk to your neighbours about mistakes they might make when decorating their home. 

Wish you happy and safe holidays!