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Choosing the Right Paint Sprayer

If you are looking forward to applying a new coat of paint to the walls inside the house to give your house a new look, choosing the right sprayer is very important. The obvious advantage of choosing a paint sprayer over brush is that it helps you accomplish the job quicker and creates lesser mess. However, a paint sprayer is not always the best choice; especially when you need to paint a small area.

Hence, depending upon the type of the painting job, you need to choose the right paint sprayer. Several types of paint sprayers are available in the market and each one is designed to paint certain surfaces; therefore before choosing a paint sprayer, make sure you know what type of surface you need to paint. The most common types of paint sprayers are:

  • Cup sprayer
  • Conventional air sprayer
  • Airless sprayer
  • HVLP sprayer

The major factors to consider when choosing a paint sprayer are:


The amount of pressure provided by paint sprayers differ based upon its type. So depending upon the scope of work and the kind of paint you will be using; you need to determine how much pressure would be enough to accomplish the job quickly. Another consideration is the speed; if you need to complete a painting job very quickly, then a sprayer with high horsepower (unit to measure the pressure offered by the sprayer) would be the best.


The next important consideration is the volume of the paint sprayer. Volume means how much paint the sprayer can hold at a time; this also determines how many times you need the refill the sprayer to complete the painting job. So if you are painting the entire house, a sprayer with a high volume would be a good choice; whereas for small painting jobs a sprayer with small capacity would be good enough.

The Right Spraying Tips

A variety of spraying tips are available which can be attached to the front side of the gun. The type of tip you need depends upon the kind of paint you are using and the type of surface you are painting. The power of the paint sprayer must also be considered when choosing the spraying tip.


High quality sprays cost higher; so when choosing paint sprayer determine what kind of budget you have. The good news is that you can keep the expense under control by renting a paint sprayer. This means you pay for the sprayer only for a specific period of time and you don`t have to worry about maintenance, repair and storage as well.

By painting or staining the house yourself, you can save a lot of money and by choosing the right paint sprayer you can save a lot of time. Hence, it is worth investing some time to choose the right sprayer since it can considerably increase the quality and speed of the painting/ staining job. If you have any problem choosing the right paint sprayer, the staffs at the local tools and equipment store or rental agency can help you.